Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed

Nov 12, 2017

Enhance the beauty of your bedroom with the exquisite Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed offered exclusively at Frameworks. Made with precision and elegance, this luxurious twin bed is designed to provide comfort and style for a peaceful night's sleep.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

The Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed showcases unparalleled craftsmanship, making it a statement piece for any bedroom. With a sturdy frame constructed from high-quality materials, this bed ensures durability and longevity.

The attention to detail is evident in the meticulously hand-carved accents and rich green velvet upholstery. Soft to the touch, the plush velvet adds a touch of sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the bed.

Elegant Design

The elegant design of the Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed is the perfect blend of style and comfort. The arched headboard with button tufting creates a stunning focal point, while the low-profile footboard adds a contemporary touch.

The vibrant green color of the upholstery complements various interior styles, whether it be modern, traditional, or eclectic. The versatility of this bed allows you to effortlessly incorporate it into your existing bedroom decor.

Comfort & Support

Framework's Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed not only exudes style but also provides optimal comfort and support. The padded headboard offers a cozy spot for reading or enjoying breakfast in bed.

The robust slat system ensures excellent mattress support and eliminates the need for a box spring. You can confidently choose your preferred mattress type, knowing that the bed frame will provide the necessary support for a restful sleep.

Dimensions & Specifications

The Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed is designed to accommodate a standard twin-size mattress and comes with the following dimensions:

  • Headboard Height: 60 inches
  • Footboard Height: 15 inches
  • Overall Length: 80 inches
  • Overall Width: 45 inches

The bed frame is made from solid wood for enhanced stability and durability. The velvet upholstery is easy to maintain, and the bed is designed to withstand everyday use without compromising its visual appeal.

Transform Your Bedroom Today

Upgrade your sleeping experience and transform your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary with the Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed from Frameworks. Captivating in design and exceptional in craftsmanship, this bed offers both style and comfort.

With its timeless beauty and meticulously crafted details, the Kiki Green Twin Bed is the perfect addition to create a stunning focal point in your bedroom. Make a statement with this high-end bed that embodies elegance and refinement.

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and comfort with Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed, available exclusively at Frameworks. Order yours today and elevate your bedroom to new heights of sophistication.

Raynell Cox
I absolutely love the Meridian Furniture Kiki Green Twin Bed! ­čśŹ It's the perfect combination of comfort and style, making my bedroom feel like a peaceful oasis. The craftsmanship is top-notch and it's definitely a statement piece. Highly recommend! ­čĹîÔťĘ
Nov 11, 2023